Video Inspection & Pipe Locating Services

video-pipe-inspectionWe offer Video inspections of all lines, starting at 3″ and larger. We have found that it’s mandatory for piece of mind, to know that back-ups won’t be a continuing problem. After an inspection we offer a regular maintenance schedule, so that you do not have to worry about future problems.

First, we look for a point of access to the sewer line, such as an accessible clean out. If no clean out is present, we will inform you of other options for the video inspection. Note that the sewer pipe must be draining to get a good image on the DVD recording. If there is a blockage in the sewer line, we may Snake or Hydro Jet the line first to remove the built-up debris.

Then our Pipe Spy service technicians push the camera through the sewer pipe from the clean out to the sanitary main, while they closely inspect and comment about any breaks or blockages in the sewer pipe line. The entire inspection is digitally recorded onto a DVD disc, with the inspector’s comments. We’ll provide you with a copy of the DVD if you request it, and will submit the video to appropriate local utility or city agency to help manage your sewer compliance or sewer repair project.